How It All Started

Our founder, Randy Bluestone was always fascinated by the Car Wash Industry, but he always felt like something was missing from the overall experience. He found that washes often focused on speed or service, but never both.

In 1989, Randy opened the first Country Club Car Wash on Ford Lane in St. Charles County.  He made it his mission to revolutionize the Car Wash Experience here in the St. Louis region by focusing on what the other guys weren’t, customer service, detail, AND precision.

Country Club Car Wash now consists of five locations that serve the O’Fallon, St. Peters, Wentzville, and Chesterfield area. We are owned and operated by Randy’s wife, Barb Bluestone and Mark Kummer. Both are native to the St. Louis Area and share the same passion Randy had for the Car Wash Industry.

What We Do

We’re here to take the stress out of washing your car. We offer four different full-service wash packages to fit your lifestyle and budget. These can be purchased by themselves, in a wash book, or as a part of the “Keep It Clean Club”, where you can wash your car every day for one flat monthly fee.

Our employees will greet you and help you decide which package is best for your car. If you choose a full-service option,  you can sit back and relax in our lounge while your car is treated to the best wash experience in the area. We provide complimentary WiFi and television for you to enjoy while you wait. Once your car is complete, one of our attendants will notify you, so you can enjoy the rest of your day with a vehicle that feels brand new.

We also offer an Exterior Express option for those times when you’re on the go.  If you choose one of these options, you will stay in the vehicle during the entirety of the washing experience. This way you can get back to the tasks you have left for the day.

Who We Are

At Country Club Car Wash, we focus on what the other guys are missing – detail, precision, and YOU.  We have five locations featuring both full-service and express options.

We are a “touchless” wash; that means no towels, brushes, or other objects touch the vehicle except the water, soap, and suds. Conventional “touch”  car washes often focus on volume to stay afloat.  By rushing cars through the system, they are more susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and blemishes from unkept brushes and equipment. Our touchless system allows us to give your car the attention it deserves, by keeping it safe from harm and delivering the absolute “cleanest” results possible.


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